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A State Of Denial

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A State Of Denial

Authored by Sven Henrich via,

Once again investors are made to believe that nothing matters. Only 2 trading days after Friday’s sell off $NDX made new all time history highs. Only 3 days after Friday’s sell-off $SPX made a new all time closing high. Only 4 days after Friday’s sell off $DJIA, $SPX and $NDX make new all time human history highs in premarket. Fours day, four up gaps, all unfilled at the time of this writing. The market of the overnight gap ups.

Why? Because the economic impact of the coronavirus is over or contained? Of course not, it’s far from any of that. Shutdowns persist, warnings of individual companies are mounting i.e. $TSLA, tumbling a day after the technical warning issued,  global economic growth estimates are coming down and with them invariably take downs in earnings estimates.

What do markets do? Make new all time highs, back on the multiple expansion game from 2019 when no slowdown in earnings mattered as the liquidity injections from our central bank overlords overrode everything.

This week the PBOC injected liquidity, the Fed kept flushing repo liquidity into the system, and of course a continued buying of treasure bills.

And so markets continue on their path of never pricing in any bad news and continue to disconnect farther and farther from the underlying size of the global economy no matter the ongoing data:

German factory orders:

Baltic Dry Index:

But there are no bubbles central bankers tell us. Don’t insult our intelligence I say. Especially since they perfectly well know that policies and words are closely followed by markets and are market impacting:

Lagarde: Traditionally, as central bankers we have been more comfortable speaking to experts and markets than to the general public. Markets closely follow what we do and what we say, and surveys and studies find that we are well understood by them.

— European Central Bank (@ecb) February 6, 2020

Yet in the same breadth they tell us their polices are not to blame for the distortions created in markets.

Here’s ECB president Lagarde today in full denial mode:

They're in denial:
Lagarde: “I wouldn’t draw the conclusion that our current monetary policy has actually been the main factor in the rise of housing prices, has actually been the main factor in the declining profitability of some banks”

— Sven Henrich (@NorthmanTrader) February 6, 2020

Don’t blame our negative interest rate policies for housing price increases or bank profitability issues.

And besides there is no housing bubble when ordinary people struggle keeping up with ever rising house prices:

ECB’s Lagarde: Don’t Sees Strong Signs Of Housing Bubbles In The Euro Area As A Whole

— LiveSquawk (@LiveSquawk) February 6, 2020

But there is no inflation...

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