German Professor Arrested After Speaking At "We Do Not Consent" Rally In London

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German Professor Arrested After Speaking At "We Do Not Consent" Rally In London Tyler Durden Sun, 09/27/2020 - 09:55

After Metropolitan Police claimed they would only crack down on marchers flagrantly violating social distancing rules (though the hated "rule of six" had been suspended due to the gathering's "protest" status), German professor Dr. Heiko Schoening was arrested by a gang of British officers - he was filmed being loaded into a paddy wagon -  after speaking out against using tactics like economy-destroying mandatory lockdowns during yesterday's "We Do Not Consent" rally in London.

Video of the arrest was shared on Twitter.

LONDON - Respected German Doctor Heiko Schöning was arrested by Met Police for speaking about Covid-19.

— ShatteredWorldMedia (@MediaShattered) September 27, 2020

Several purported bystanders tweeted in protest, by the story appears to have gone largely unnoticed.

Dr. Heiko Schöning has just been arrested and put into a police van @garethicke Shame on the UK #FacismIsHere

— Medea Matters (@Medea_Matters) September 26, 2020

Here's video of the doctor speaking to a reporter at the event yesterday. This was filmed before he was arrested.

German Doctor Dr. Heiko Schöning was arrested yesterday, he has not been charged but is still being held in custody.
When doctors speak out the truth and are silenced, locked up, you know we are in deep deep

— Darren of Plymouth 🇬🇧 (@DarrenPlymouth) September 27, 2020


The rally was organized by groups opposing a second lockdown in the UK, along with mandatory vaccination efforts by the government once a vaccine is approved. The doctor was pat...

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