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Egyptian President "Prepare For All Scenarios" To Refloat Megaship 

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Egyptian President "Prepare For All Scenarios" To Refloat Megaship 

Suez Canal salvage teams have allowed Ever Given's stern and rudder to move on Saturday night, but it remains unclear when the massive containership will be refloated. 

Suez Canal Authority (SCA) chairperson Lieutenant General Osman Rabie said that the helm of the EVER GIVEN vessel moved 30 degrees in both directions, on Saturday.#Egypt #Suez #SuezCanal #EVERGIVEN #Evergreen #BreakingNews | #قناة_السويس #السفينة_الجائحة #عاجل

— Egypt Today Magazine (@EgyptTodayMag) March 27, 2021

Reuters reports salvage teams were "alternating between dredging and tugging on Sunday to dislodge a massive container ship blocking the busy waterway, while two sources said efforts had been complicated by rock under the ship's bow." 

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) released a statement that said the vessel had shifted 27,000 cubic meters of sand around the vessel's front hull. The ship remains wedged diagonally across a southern section of the canal, blocking one of the world's most important shipping lanes. 

A Planet SkySat captured video of the ongoing efforts to dislodge the Ever Given from the Suez Canal after it ran aground late Tuesday, blocking all traffic.
Video captured by SkySat on March 27, 2021.

— Planet (@planetlabs) March 28, 2021

On Saturday night, tugboats were able to shift the vessel 17 meters to the north. In celebration, tugboats sounded their foghorns. 

THE SHIP MOVED!! Although just 17 metres but this is good indication. The tugboats are all sounding their foghorns in jubilation. 👏👏👏#SuezBLOCKED #suezcanel #Suez #Evergreenship #Evergiven

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