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California Grid Strained As Power Shortfalls Loom

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California Grid Strained As Power Shortfalls Loom

Amid another heat wave across the Western half of the US, California issued a stage-2 power-grid emergency alert Friday and urged customers to conserve power as temperatures surpassed 100 degrees, according to The Sacramento Bee

The state's grid operator, California Independent System Operator (ISO), issued the alert on Friday, which is one step away from rolling blackouts. 

The California ISO has extended its #FlexAlert to a second day through Saturday urging consumers to continue #energyconservation due to extreme heat in #CAwx and wildfire in Southern Oregon threatening transmission lines causing strain on the #powergrid.

— California ISO (@California_ISO) July 10, 2021

Readers may recall, as early as Tuesday, we outlined how "scorching temperatures return to the West, persisting through mid-week, and reappear this weekend." By Friday, we gave the full breakdown of the second heat wave and its impact for the next several days, affecting upwards of 28 million people from California to Washington State. 

Excessive heat warnings have already been posted for California, Nevada, western Arizona, and western Utah. Watches have also been posted for interior portions of Oregon and southern Idaho.

By late Friday, ISO discontinued the emergency, but with multiple 100-degree-plus days forecasted for Saturday and Sunday for Californians, the power grid operator may have to reissue grid alerts. 

Large swaths of the West could experience temperatures 20 or more degrees above average. Below is a temperature anomalies forecast showing the heat dome could last through mid-next week

For those who are curious what "stage 2" means, power consumption is exceptionally high in the state, and the grid has become "reserve deficient,"...

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