In Major Escalation, Israel Unleashes Airstrikes, Shelling On Syria In Retaliation For Alleged Iran Attack

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The situation is fluid to say the least, but as far as we can tell this is what has happened tonight so far:

1. Sirens go off in Golan Heights

2. Loud explosions heard

Then blame-game begins...

3. AP: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Wednesday that Israel has attacked targets of the Syrian military on the outskirts of Quneitra.

4. AP: Activists reported rocket fire from Israel into southern Syrian just before midnight Wednesday.

5. AP: The Israeli army says it is investigating and has no further details.

6. IDF report that Iranian Quds force fired 20 rockets towards forward IDF positions on Golan Heights.

7. According to al-Mayadeen (pro-gov) 10 positions of the Israeli Army were shelled with rockets, and several vehicles were targeted with guided missiles.

8. The IDF views this event with great severity and remains prepared for a wide variety of scenarios.

9. Exchanges continue...

10. Israeli jets fire on Damascus; shelling from inside Israel continues.

11. Israeli jets are firing on the headquarters of the Republican Guard.

12. IDF confirms that Israel is launching an attack on targets associated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Syria. Meanwhile, the power has been cut in parts of Damascus.

So it is unclear who started the 'fight' but for now rocket exchanges continue.

But you can watch local coverage of the conflict here.

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Update V: IDF confirms that Israeli air forces have launched an attack on targets associated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Meanwhile, electricity has been cut in parts of Damascus.

Air strikes by Israeli warplanes targeted the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and #Hezbollah militia south of the Syrian city of #Homs and in the vicinity of #AlDumeer military airport.#Israel #Syria #USA #Trump #IDF #NuclearDeal #Iran #Russia

— Eva J. Koulouriotis (@evacool_)
May 10, 2018

My team just captured this video from Mezzeh in Damascus

— Leith Aboufadel (@leithfadel)
May 10, 2018


Update IV: Israeli air forces are conducting raids on Republican Guard headquarters and the Mezzah miitary air base.

Air raids by the Israeli warplanes at the #Mezzah military airport and the headquarters of the Republican Guard in the Syrian capital #Damascus.#Israel #Syria #USA #Trump ...

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