Ink-ist? Employers Admit Face-Tattoos Lower Your Chances Of Gettting Hired

  • Written by Zero Hedge
  • Published in Economics

With American employers lowering their standards - eliminating drug-tests - as the number of job-openings tops the number of job-seekers for the first time in history, it would appear by the aggregate data that getting a job is as easy as fogging a mirror. However, undeterred by how awesome the labor market is, Statista's Patrick Wagner has some crucial job-getting advice for the average Millennial - don't get a face tattoo!

Tribal tattoos on your face might scare off employers and hinder your chances of getting a job unless your name is Mike Tyson.

At least that is what a survey by YouGov makes us want to think...

Infographic: Surprise: facetattoos lower your chances of getting hired | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

Neck tattoos and inked hands also significantly lower your chances of getting hired.

According to the HRdecision makers taking part in the survey, the safest spot to get a tattoo without risking ongoing unemployment is the lower back.

Anyway, if somebody purposely starts to show off his or her tramp stamp during a job interview, it is highly doubtful whether any employer would stay interested.

We have one question - is this ink-ist? Should there be an affirmative push for more facially-augmented individuals? What about it Howard Schultz?...

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