Hedge Fund CIO: "What If Trump Is Right And Everyone Else Is Wrong?"

  • Written by Zero Hedge
  • Published in Economics

Submitted by Eric Peters, CIO of One River Asset Management, as excerpted from his latest Weekend Notes. 

“What if I’m right and everyone else is wrong?” he asked the most intelligent man he’d ever known.

What if the only way to cut a deal with a North Korean dictator is to be equally willing to engage in a nuclear war that I’d win?” he asked, admiring the man in the mirror.

“What if the way to renegotiate a deal with an Ayatollah is to out-jihad a jihadi?” he asked, smiling, swirling his blond turban.

“What if I burn more coal and the seas don’t rise?” High-tide at Mar-a-Lago was no higher today than yesterday.

Starting with Clinton in 1992, every president pledged to move the embassy to Jerusalem. But no one dared. They feared the middle east would erupt. I proved them all wrong. Who’s to say they were right about free trade, or anything else?” His reflection somehow appeared taller, leaner, younger.

Why should I defend my so-called allies when they don’t pay me? And what does it even mean to be my ally without a war?” he asked.

“America is indispensable. Everyone needs me, I need no one.” He liked the way that sounded, savoring the power that the statement will carry once he liberates America from WTO anti-imperialist oppression, returning to a system of bilateral trade deals.

“After my big, beautiful tax cut, I have the world’s #1 most competitive economy. What if I now seal my borders, invite in only the exceptional, boost wages, build robots to solve my labor shortage, and somehow prove this creates an economic boom that pays for it all?” His gut feel stirred.

“And if I’m wrong, and they’re all right even though they’ve been so wrong about everything, well, I’ll deal with it.” He smiled, loving the game.

“And worst case, I’m 72, what do I care?” ...

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