Futures Rebound As Mnuchin Denies WTO Exit Story

  • Written by Zero Hedge
  • Published in Economics

For the second time in a few days, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has had to come galloping to the rescue of markets over 'fake news' reports.

US equity futures tumbled in early trading after Axios reported that the Trump administration was planning to withdraw from WTO.

But have now erased that drop Steve-the-savior rescues markets into month-end.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has just appeared on Fox Business to deny the story, saying that the "Axios story is not true" and is an "exaggerations" adding that Trump “has concerns about the WTO, he thinks there’s aspects of it that aren’t fair."

Finally, Mnuchin added - in yet another attempt to clam markets - that "U.S. is not in trade war with China, it is a trade dispute."

Semantics Steve...



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