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As Socialist Support Soars In America, The Price Of A Cup Of Venezuelan Coffee Reaches Historic Threshold

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Authored by Benny Johnson via The Daily Caller,

There is a resurgence of socialism and socialist ideals within the modern Democratic party.

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stunned the political world, in particular the rank-in-file Democrats, by defeating incumbent Joe Crowley in Tuesday’s New York primary.

The Ocasio-Cortez win signaled the ever increasing leftward swing among national Democrats, a party undergoing a power struggle and identity crisis after Trump’s election victory in 2016.

The election of 2016 also saw Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders win a stunning amount of support among the liberal base. Bernie won a groundswell of states in his populist run against Hillary Clinton, but was ultimately undercut by DNC superdelegates.

The platform Ocasio-Cortez ran on mirrored Bernie’s 2016 platform, calling for nationalized health care, universal jobs guarantee and getting America to 100 percent green energy.

Many of Ocasio-Cortez’s ideas also mirror some of the policies of the socialist countries of latin America.

The socialist dictatorship of Venezuela has been in a slow motion free-fall for years.

The country and currency are crumbling and the most basic resources are becoming impossible to find.  Bloomberg reporter Joe Weisenthal noted today that a cup of coffee now cost 1,000,000 Bolívars in Caracas as rampant inflation explodes.

For those that are counting that is an annual inflation rate of 43,378%! (And if you examine a snapshot of the past three months and project that pace out to a full year, it paints an even grimmer picture: inflation of 482,153%)

Source: Bloomberg

And yet, as Bloomberg notes, at the same time, one million bolivars is really nothing. When converted into dollars, it comes to a mere 29 cents.

This contrast - a coffee burns through much of a worker’s entire monthly wage but costs just pennies - illustrates the devastating effects of the government’s frantic money-printing policies and how they are sinking the country deeper into poverty.


Coffee is just the tip of the iceberg for problems the socialist country is facing.

A dire warning sign....

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