Wildfire smoke gives San Francisco views the look of an Instagram filter

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San Francisco is already one of the most Instagrammed places in the country. But Sunday morning, the city itself looked like it was inside an Instagram filter.

Smoke from nearby Northern California wildfires blanketed the Bay Area, and combined with fog to create a surreal, sepia-toned look.

Noe Valley, San Francisco, 11am today.

Smoke from the Northern California fires is filtering the sunlight. It's like looking through amber-colored sunglasses.@NoeValleySF @KarlTheFog pic.twitter.com/1PqC9pvqpk[1][2][3]

— A Solid Six Out Of Ten Bob Horowitz (@bats1234)

Today there is heavy fog in San Francisco and big fires north of here and the smoke and ash are mixing with the fog and making everything sepia toned. This footage has no filter applied to it. pic.twitter.com/aBKwlTBk9Y[5]

— 👹Kaiju Sommelier😸 (@Kaiju_Sommelier)

Smoke from #CountyFire giving San Francisco fog a yellow hue. No filter on these photos. @KQED @KQEDnews pic.twitter.com/LyeCRsTZm8[7][8][9][10]

— Anna Kusmer (@ASKusmer)

Whoa. #Smoke coming from the east bay fires. Here we go again. #SF #nofilter cc @KarlTheFog pic.twitter.com/gqs4HBvX7L[12][13][14][15][16]

— Heather Blanchard (@poplifegirl)

Ever wondered what happens when smoke from #YoloCounty fires meets #SF fog? pic.twitter.com/rhDI4yiGdi[18][19][20]

— Alison "china person" Goh (@alisonhgoh)

In Alameda looking toward San Francisco. Normally you can see the city. That’s smoke. Ash falling on everything. pic.twitter.com/MMzaznuekJ[22]

— Jill Tucker (@jilltucker)

Smoke from the #CountyFire moving directly over the central San Francisco #BayArea, as seen on today's #MODIS image. Still getting some ash falling in #SF though the smoke plume is still mainly above the surface marine layer. #CAwx #CAfire pic.twitter.com/rHzYB9pFjs[24][25][26][27][28][29][30]

— Daniel Alrick (@SFmeteorologist)

Despite the haze and reports of ash falling like snow in some parts of the Bay Area, regional authorities reported fairly good air quality, as the fog essentially filtered the smoke. Still, a smoke advisory was in effect with warnings for the elderly, children and people with heart of lung conditions.

The smoke was the result of the County fire in Yolo County, about 75 miles northeast of San Francisco. As...

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