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Americans are finally making progress paying back their debts and financial lessons to learn before leaving high school

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Personal Finance
Americans are finally making progress paying back their debts

Delinquencies are inching back up, but still relatively low.

I paid for my girlfriend’s rent, food, vacations and utilities while she was in college—now we’re breaking up

This man wants to know whether he has any legal recourse after supporting his girlfriend for three years.

YouTube star Gaby Dunn wants to make talking about money as taboo-free as sex

The podcaster says it’s regarded as a moral and personal failure when people are bad with money.

Southwest Airlines bans peanuts—see how other airlines handle allergies

The airline industry lacks a uniform policy on how to deal with passengers with allergies.

My sister sold our parents’ home and pocketed the cash—what should I do now?

This woman believes her sister may have run away with her father’s money.

What Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh could mean for consumer rights

Critics say he more often sides with corporations than customers.

Gmail faces scrutiny for privacy practices—here’s how to secure your email

The company must answer to the Senate over its email policies.

My in-laws co-signed on my mortgage—now my brother-in-law lives there at a discount

This woman is concerned about the unforeseen consequences of a complicated financial arrangement involving her family.

All Americans should know these financial lessons before leaving high school

U.S. schools rarely incorporate personal finance into their curriculum.

Students cry for debt relief after for-profit college collapse, while executives admit no wrongdoing

Two top executives from ITT, a now-defunct for-profit college, settled with the SEC last week.

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This hated energy source is what the world needs to limit environmental damage from oil, coal and gas

Invest in nuclear power, along with wind, solar, and other renewables, to cut carbon footprint, writes Richard Rhodes.

Mortgage rates inch up as housing market braces for slowing momentum

Rates for home loans spiralled higher after a three-week respite, suggesting there’s still some life left in the rotation out of fixed-income assets, and reason for housing market participants to be nervous about higher borrowing costs.

Bitcoin or Buffett? One gambler is willing to wager millions on the first

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is trading at $287,100 a share. Bitcoin is barely clearing $6,000. One crypto fan believes the gap between the two won't last. In fact, he's willing to bet millions of dollars on it.

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