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Cop Assaulted, Head-Butting, And A Bloody Nose After Another Brawl At Trump's Hollywood Star

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President Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has emerged as an unlikely battleground between Los Angeles Trump supporters and his detractors. There have been fights, shouting matches, and men dressed as Russian cops "protecting" the star - while two separate videos of men destroying it with pickaxes have gone viral. 

Despite efforts by the LAPD to separate pro and anti-Trump groups, yet another scuffle broke out Sunday evening between a man in a MAGA hat speaking into a megaphone and two anti-Trump protesters. 

A group of pro-Trump supporters said the man was not with them as he shouted, “We got America great again'” and other pro-Trump slogans.

His red MAGA had seemed to be a target from some in the anti-Trump crowd.

“[This guy] came up and said he was going to pull his hat off, and I was like [makes a negative sounding noise] went up and pulled the Make America Great Again hat off and after that everything just went crazy. They started fighting,” said one woman.

“The kid’s father came and said hey that’s my son. Don’t be going after my son.  Got up in his face. Starts pushing him. Then the guy with the megaphone head-butted him,” said Louie Martinez. -CBS Los Angeles

The father ended up with a bloody cut on his nose, while a man in a burgandy shirt believed to be his son was wrestled to the ground as he assaulted a police officer. Police are reportedly looking for the father. 

From another angle: 

Meanwhile, some recent happenings on Hollywood Boulevard: 

CAUGHT YOU!! Donald J. Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star didn't stand a chance against its latest attacker Ï

— TMZ (@TMZ)
July 26, 2018

These two guys stood guard over Trump's Walk of Fame Star and its hilarious.

— Red T Raccoon (@RedTRaccoon)
July 27, 2018

These guys have never been busier:

President Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of fame that was destroyed has been replaced.#donaldtrump #hollywoodwalkoffame #gist #Viral #News #worldnews #usa #cnn #bbc #aljazeera #viralvideos #tmz #funnyvideos #funnymemes #instagram #insta #instagood #macdanielsblog #fame #weird

— MacDaniel'sBlog (@MacDanielsBlog)
July 28, 2018

Meanwhile, things got musical during a heated debate in Granite City, Illinois. No blood however. 

The tuba walk-thru during this Granite City Trump protest fight is comedy gold.

— Amee

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