Tuesday, 01 January 2019 18:35

Every investor was humbled in 2018, so it’s wise to figure out what happened and why

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Before I issue my 2019 Market Outlook in the days ahead I wanted to highlight some key practical lessons from 2018 as they will help set the stage for next year. See full story.[2]

Everything coming to Netflix in January — and what’s leaving

It’s almost 2019 and Netflix is bringing the new year cheer the best way it knows how: With a slew of new material for its subscribers. See full story.[3]

2018 in a word? ‘Great’ for individuals but ‘worrisome’ for the country

Americans think they had a pretty good year. It was “great,” in fact, they insist when asked about their personal experience, even if it was “exhausting” to get there. See full story.[4]

Political-communication scholar has a catchy new name for fake news: V.D.

In part through overuse, and in part through co-option, the term fake news no longer means, to many people, what it initially did: online content that took the form of news stories but contained or were constructed entirely of falsehoods. So it needs replacing, according to political-communication scholar Kathleen Hall Jamieson. See full story.[5]

This is how our lives are getting to be more like ‘Star Trek’

“Star Trek” communicator, tricorder, video chat and electronic translator are already reality. See full story.[6]


Two liberal causes made GoFundMe’s Top 5 for 2018, and a page for President Trump’s border wall is now at No. 2. See full story.[8]

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