Soldiers seize power in Burkina Faso as global coup surge continues

January 24, 2022 inPolitics

Soldiers announce the coup on state TV. Photo: Anadolu Agency via Getty Mutinous soldiers in Burkina Faso declared on state television Monday that they had deposed the government, closed the borders, and taken control of the country. President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré has reportedly been arrested. The big picture: This would be the third successful military coup in west Africa in eight months, after juntas took power last year in Guinea and...

Biden to convene virtual meeting with E.U. leaders on Ukraine

January 24, 2022 inPolitics

President Biden on Monday will meet with European leaders amid growing fears that the tens of thousands of Russian troops massed near Ukraine might soon attack. The video call, scheduled for 3 p.m., is “part of our close consultation and coordination with our Transatlantic Allies and partners in response to ...... Read more from our friends at the Washington Times

Market Snapshot: Dow drops by more than 1,100 points at Monday low in broad-based stock selloff…

January 24, 2022 inEconomics

U.S. stock benchmarks tumble Monday afternoon, falling sharply as the downtrend that has pressured stocks this year continues apace. ...Read more from our friends at MarketWatch

Democrats face scaled-back agenda after setbacks

January 24, 2022 inPolitics

Democrats are confronting the reality of a scaled-back agenda as they try to move past high-profile setbacks that dominated the tail end of President Biden’s first year in office. After pledging to go “big and bold” when they were swept into... ...Read more from our friends at The Hill

Watch Live: Sen. Johnson Holds Star-Studded COVID-19 'Second Opinion' Hearing

January 24, 2022 inEconomics

Watch Live: Sen. Johnson Holds Star-Studded COVID-19 'Second Opinion' Hearing US Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) is holding a panel discussion, COVID 19: A Second Opinion, this morning. The invited speakers - a star-studded group of world renowned doctors and medical experts - will provide a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what...

‘Persons of interest’ ID’d in double-slaying after FBI rules out Brian Laundrie

January 24, 2022 inPolitics

Kylen Schulte and her wife Crystal Turner were found shot to death at a campsite in the city of Moab on Aug. 18 after complaining about a "weirdo" and "creep" who had been camping near them. ...Read more from our friends at NY Post

Perfect storm brewing for extreme politicians

January 23, 2022 inPolitics

Data: Axios research; Table: Jacque Schrag/Axios Redistricting and a flood of departing incumbents are paving the way for more extreme candidates in this year's midterm elections. Driving the news: At least 19 House districts in 12 states are primed to attract such candidates — hard partisans running in strongly partisan districts — according to an Axios analysis of districts as measured by the Cook Political Report's Partisan Voter Index (PVI). ...

Cheney challenger wins Wyoming Republican activists' straw poll

January 23, 2022 inPolitics

The candidate endorsed by former President Trump in the Republican primary against Rep. Liz Cheney won a straw poll conducted by GOP activists in Wyoming on Saturday.Harriet Hageman won 59 votes in the straw poll conducted by the... ...Read more from our friends at The Hill

Millions Trust With Their Genetic Code: What Could Go Wrong?

Millions Trust With Their Genetic Code: What Could Go Wrong?

June 5, 2018 inOpinion

Millions of semi-conscious consumers, most of whom were probably outraged and appalled by recent privacy scandal outbreaks involving companies like Facebook and...

Texas federal judge halts Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal employees

January 21, 2022 inPolitics

A federal judge issued an order Friday halting President Biden’s order that all federal employees get the coronavirus vaccine or risk losing...

Maryland Redistricting: Crossing the Chesapeake

January 22, 2022 inPolitics

By Jacob Rubashkin As one of the few states in which Democrats had full control of redistricting, Maryland was a major focus of...

Earnings Outlook: GE earnings: Wall Street analysts have lowered the beat bar…

January 23, 2022 inEconomics

General Electric Co. investors should expect a "particularly noisy" earnings report for the industrial conglomerate's fourth quarter, which will be the first...

'Much Brighter Than Before': COVID-19 Cases Plunge Across US

January 21, 2022 inEconomics

'Much Brighter Than Before': COVID-19 Cases Plunge Across US Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), COVID-19 case counts have dropped...

2017 Year in Review - A Look Back

2017 Year in Review - A Look Back

December 29, 2017 inVideos

2017 was an amazing year for PragerU and for America. Thank you for making it such a success! But there is much...


Pepe Escobar Covers The World: From 'New York Aristocracy' To The End Of America's Hegemony

Pepe Escobar Covers The World: From 'New York Aristocracy' To The End…

Brazilian-born journalist Pepe Escobar, who is perhaps best known for predicting the War on Terror...