Actor Dwayne Johnson poses for photographers upon arrival at the premiere of the film 'Rampage', in London, Wednesday, Apr. 11, 2018. (Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

He has driven fast and furiously as a federal agent, overthrown a despotic king as Hercules[1] and helped revive an island nation as a shape-shifting Polynesian demigod.

It would seem that all that’s left for Dwayne Johnson[2] to do is to save the free world — as commander in chief.

Speculation that Mr. Johnson[3] will run for president has waxed and waned and waxed again since President Trump[4]’s inauguration, despite the action star’s assertion that he is not ready to abandon the famed hills of Hollywood for the marbled halls of Washington[5].

But given Mr. Trump[6]’s historic victory and the overwhelming response to Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the Golden Globes in January, the question appears to be not whether Americans will ever again elect a wealthy celebrity with a huge social media following and no political experience, but when.

Mr. Johnson[7], 45, also known as “The Rock” from his professional wrestling career, has remarked humbly about the excitement over a potential presidential campaign while noting the difficulty and gravitas of such an undertaking.

“I mean, look, people are very excited, and it’s so flattering that they’re excited,” he said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine this month. “I think it’s also a function of being very unsatisfied with our current president. But this is a skill set that requires years and years of experience. On a local level, on a state level and then on a national level. I have the utmost respect for our country and that position, and I’m not delusioned in any way to think, ‘Oh, absolutely, if Trump[8] can do it, I can do it, and I’ll see you in 20-whatever, get ready.’ Not at all.”

Yet when asked if he would ever run for president, Mr. Johnson[9] said, “I think it’s a real possibility.”

One of the most bankable stars in Hollywood, Mr. Johnson[10] has 57 million followers on Facebook, 12.9 million followers on Twitter and 105 million followers on Instagram. And he’s expert in using social media to help promote his films, most recently the video-game-inspired monster movie “Rampage,” which has earned more than $286 million globally since opening on April 13, according to Box Office Mojo.

If he should enter the political arena, he would do so with two significant advantages, given how politics works today, says Gayle Alberda, assistant professor of politics and public administration at Fairfield University....

“Half the battle with any candidacy is name recognition,” Ms. Alberda said. “The other major hurdle is money. Given his celebrity status, it could be assumed that he could fund a significant portion of his campaign, which for any candidate is always helpful.”Attracting money doesn’t appear to be a problem for The Rock: His four most recent films cost a total of $529

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