NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A look at some of the winning and losing bills of the 2018 session of the Tennessee General Assembly:


ABORTION ULTRASOUND: Requires doctors to offer women who are getting abortions a look at an ultrasound, if one was performed beforehand. HB 108

CHILD MARRIAGE: Bars children younger than 17 years of age from getting married; outlaws someone at least four years older from marrying a 17-year-old; emancipates minors who are married so they have the ability to hire attorneys and/or file for divorce. HB 2134

COAL REGULATION: Takes coal-mining regulation away from the federal government and puts it back in the hands of state regulators. SB 686

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT: Prohibits corporal punishment against disabled students, unless a school district opts to allow it and a student’s parents give written permission to use it. HB 2330

CORPORATE TAXES: Spares Tennessee corporations from $112 million annually in state corporate excise taxes that would have taken effect in 2020-2021 under President Donald Trump’s tax-reform law. SB 2119

DUI TESTING FEE: Requires $250 DUI fees to go into the general fund instead of a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation fund that supports testing labs, a process a state appeals court ruled unconstitutional. HB 1959

EMISSIONS TESTING: Seeks federal approval to end vehicle emissions testing currently required in six counties. HB 1782...

GUNS, MENTAL ILLNESS: Requires notifying local law enforcement when someone fails a gun background check and is legally banned from having a gun because of involuntarily ending up in a mental institution or being found by a tribunal to have a severe mental illness. HB 958JAMES K. POLK’S TOMB: Urges that former President James K. Polk’s remains be moved from the grounds of the Tennessee Capitol to the Polk museum in Columbia, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) away. SJR 141JUVENILE JUSTICE REFORM: Sets out conditions for when juveniles can be placed in state custody or tried as adults, among other changes. HB 2271MONUMENT TO UNBORN: Calls for creation of a monument to the unborn on the Capitol grounds using private funding. HB 2381MOVING CONFEDERATE STATUES: Bars local governments from selling or transferring property that has historic memorials, including Confederate monuments, without permission from the Tennessee Historical Society or a court. HB 644OFF-DUTY OFFICERS IN SCHOOLS: Lets school districts pay off-duty law enforcement officers to serve as armed school officers during school hours or school-sponsored events. SB 2059OPIOID LIMITS: Limits initial opioid prescriptions to a three-day supply for new patients, with exceptions for major surgeries, cancer, hospice, sickle cell and treatment in certain licensed facilities. HB 1831PLANNED PARENTHOOD TENNCARE MONEY: Seeks federal approval to ban TennCare payments to abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, for non-abortion services. HB 2251SANCTUARY CITIES: Requires state and local law enforcement agencies to detain immigrants for deportation at the request of federal officials without requiring warrants or probable cause, or risk losing future state economic or community development money. HB 2315SHORT-TERM RENTALS: Restricts the ability

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