Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, listens to FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok testify before the House Committees on the Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform during a hearing on


The political death of anyone who disagrees with them is what the so-called “progressives” seek these days, and lately they’ve become so ruthless in using lies in an attempt to end the careers of decent public servants that even I’m amazed.

The most recent of these disgusting assaults is being launched against Rep. Jim Jordan, the Ohio Republican who is widely viewed as a leading contender for speaker of the House.

Without one shred of credible evidence, the leftists (aided by liberal media cohorts) have launched a frenzied attack on the character of a man whose reputation is sterling.

But Mr. Jordan’s political enemies only shame themselves as they accuse him of “covering up” sexual abuse by a team doctor when he was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University nearly 30 years ago.

The salacious accusations, made by a felon and a man who frequently sues Ohio State University and others, are questionable at best.

And the firm that OSU hired to investigate the claims, Perkins Coie, is none other than the same company that financed the disgusting “dirty dossier” about Donald Trump.

To top it off, the person leading the charge for OSU is T. Markus Funk, a former Clinton Justice Department official.

To anyone who knows these facts, it is quite obvious that Mr. Jordan is the victim of a politically motivated character assassination....

Remember, it was Mr. Jordan who “outed” Perkins Coie for its role in hiring Fusion GPS to create the bogus Russian dossier.It was Mr. Jordan who helped expose its extensive connections to the Democratic National Committe, the Clintons and Barack Obama.It was Mr. Jordan who aggressively questioned Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on his botched investigation of Hillary Clinton.Oh, and did I mention that he’s also one of the most courageous and reliable conservative warriors in Congress?Every American — including every politician — should be outraged at this type of attack. Sadly, not even enough members of Mr. Jordan’s own party are willing to take a stand against such gutter warfare.When the GOP establishment fails to help a comrade as he defends himself against a Leftist assault, it makes you wonder if it’s because Republicans fear the current #MeToo ubiquitous mindset more than they value truth or because RINOs enjoy the idea of the Leftists taking out a Freedom Caucus warrior.Any member of Congress who feeds the frenzy or sits back and delights in watching this sordid smear campaign is complicit.Whether motivated by cowardice or expediency, the unseemly alliance between the GOP establishment and the far-left Democrats is disgusting. And it’s proof positive that there is, indeed, a “deep state” that will do anything to hang onto control in the era of President Trump and the House Freedom Caucus who are methodically and effectively loosening the chokehold that the power mongers have had on our country for far too long.We now know that sexual abuse has been rampant in virtually

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