SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - California’s attorney general is joining regulators in the federal government and other states in targeting charities they say falsely promise to aid veterans and active members of the military.

Attorney General Xavier Becerra[1] (HAH-vee-air buh-SEHR’-ah) said Thursday that includes requiring more than 500 veterans’ charities to file delinquent reports with the state’s Registry of Charitable Trusts. The charities will be suspended if they don’t comply within 30 days.

The Federal Trade Commission and state regulators across the nation also are starting an education campaign to help donors tell the difference between legitimate charities and those that siphon off the money for other purposes.

It includes a 90-second video in English and Spanish.

Becerra[2] says he’s already taken 10 enforcement actions against charities he says falsely claimed to assist veterans.

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