SALEM, Ore. (AP) - Federal public defenders say asylum seekers are enduring horrible conditions in a U.S. prison in Oregon, apparently driving at least one person to attempt suicide.

They say about 120 people are crammed into filthy, tiny cells with open toilets and are given scant meals that leave them hungry.

Leland Baxter-Neal of the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon said Friday that massive human suffering has resulted from the Trump administration’s decision to lock up asylum seekers in the prison in Sheridan.

Federal Public Defender Lisa Hay said in a letter to the prison warden and a senior official of Immigration and Customs Enforcement that they learned of an apparent suicide attempt by a detainee.

William Teesdale, chief investigator for the federal public defender in Oregon, says detainees are triple-bunked in cells and strip-searched in front of other detainees.

An ICE spokeswoman says the agency is unable to comment due to pending litigation.

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