More Americans say they approve of President Trump and first lady Melania Trump. Mr. Trump's rating is 48 percent. Hers is 50 percent. (Associated Press)

President Trump[1]’s favorability poll numbers appear to be on the rise, despite never-ending negative press coverage and political pushback. While this is a work in progress and a tough waiting game for the Trump administration, the poll numbers are percolating upwards. Even a pollster had to do a double-take.

“This week’s Reuters/Ipsos[2] Core Political release presents something of an outlier of our trend. Every series of polls has the occasional outlier and in our opinion this is one. So, while we are reporting the findings in the interest of transparency, we will not be announcing the start of a new trend until we have more data to validate this pattern,” notes the pollster in a short disclaimer to a new poll conducted April 27 to May 1.

Reuters Ipsos[3] then flagged “a significant realignment this week across a number of metrics,” citing Mr. Trump[4]’s approval rating of 48 percent among all Americans, and 49 percent among registered voters.

“Corresponding with Trump[5]’s stronger approval rating, evaluations of his job performance across the board are stronger this week from 57 percent approving of his handling of the economy to 44 percent approving of the way he treats people like them,” Reuters/Ipsos[6] said. “Americans also report being more happy with the direction of the country in this week’s poll, currently 40 percent say we are going in the right direction.”

The Pew Research Center points out that while Americans are not fond of the president’s conduct, Mr. Trump[7] is “now viewed less negatively” on issues.

“Currently, 41 percent of the public agrees with Trump[8] on ‘all or nearly all’ or many of the issues facing the country, while 57 percent agree with him on just a few issues or virtually none. In August, just 33 percent said they agreed with Trump[9] on many or all issues,” Pew Research said, noting that Republican agreement with Mr. Trump[10] is now at 80 percent, up from 69 percent seven months ago. The share of Democrats who say there are “no or almost no” issues where they align with Trump[11] has dropped from 77 percent to 58 percent.

Meanwhile, a new Monmouth University poll reveals that 56 percent of Americans overall say Mr. Trump[12] should not be impeached. Yes, that is “not impeached.” Rasmussen Reports also addressed the issue.

“Voters see more chance for President Trump[13]’s re-election these days and strongly believe that impeachment is not the best strategy for Democrats running for Congress[14],” the pollster said, noting that only 15 percent of likely U.S. voters think Democratic candidates should campaign on impeachment.

“Forty-one percent now believe the president will be re-elected in 2020, up from 34 percent in late December. Twenty-six percent still think...

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