Schools need to have armed law enforcement officers or provide training for teachers to protect students against attacks, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said Wednesday.

"We need to have armed policemen or law enforcement at our schools, or at least train people, teachers, to have the ability to defend, so that if this happens, we have the opportunity to stop the killing," Paxton said on Fox News' "America's Newsroom."[1]

Paxton said that he believed gun regulations would not solve the issue. "Somebody that's willing to kill somebody and violate murder laws isn't going to change their behavior because we've changed some regulation," the attorney general said.

"I think ultimately, if you want to solve this problem, or at least have the opportunity to make less of a problem, you need to have people that can respond immediately. It also, I think, will act as a deterrent," Paxton said.

"If the shooters know that there are armed people at a school, they are less likely to go into a school," Paxton added.

More extensive background checks "might" have helped, Paxton said, pointing out the FBI not notifying local officials about the Parkland, Florida school shooting suspect.

Texas offers the opportunity for teachers to carry firearms if their superintendents allow it. "We'll look at more of those types of changes," Paxton said.

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he has director Attorney General Jeff Sessions to look into banning bump stock.[2] Also on Tuesday, the president appeared to be moving in favor of supporting more extensive background checks.

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