Conservative icon Pat Buchanan suggested that special counsel Robert Mueller should investigate the "collusion and conspiracy" of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee with Russia.

In an op-ed on TribLive,[1] Buchanan wrote that all the hub-bub over the involvement of Russian troll farms in the 2016 shows that many Americans are "ignorant" of U.S. history.

"Before and after World War II, we had Stalinists and Soviet spies at the highest levels of American culture and government," Buchanan wrote.

"As for Russian trolling in our election, do we really have clean hands when it comes to meddling in elections and the internal politics of regimes we dislike? Did America have no active role in the "color-coded revolutions" that have changed regimes from Serbia to Ukraine to Georgia?"

Buchanan said the Mueller probe apparently hasn't probed Democratic collusion with Russia despite evidence that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid former British spy Christopher Steele, to collude "with Kremlin agents" to produce a "scurrilous" dossier designed to derail the Trump candidacy.

"Why is this conspiracy and collusion with Russians less worthy of Mueller's attention than a troll farm in St. Petersburg?" Buchanan concluded.

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